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London, United Kingdom · Engineering


Citymapper engineers come from diverse backgrounds: startups, big tech companies, and even those that have never worked anywhere before. Some come with letters after their name like “PhD” or from backgrounds in things like astrophysics; some come with no formal engineering education or from backgrounds in veterinarian compliance.

In our small team, we represent more than a dozen countries and languages. What unites us in an intense desire to create the best products, data and tools to help people move around complex cities. We breathe, eat, sleep, and dream mobility and cities from the algorithms to the data to the tools that make the data. Check out our blog at

We need great engineers who are up to the challenge of making cities usable. There are features to ship, hard problems to solve, and scaling challenges to meet. The fruit is hanging low for smart, motivated people.

In addition to the app we solve interesting problems with our 2 paid products - Citymapper Pass, a new subscription pass for London integrated with the app experience and Citymapper Ride - running our own responsive transport services in places where we've identified gaps in the urban fabric

We're currently hiring across many teams and experience levels. If you believe in what Citymapper is doing — if you're ready to build new kinds of navigation tools and demand responsive transit for the world's biggest, messiest cities — give us a shout.

We have roles in the following areas:

- Backend & internal APIs
- Routing systems and algorithms
- Smart Ride on-demand booking and planning
- Full-stack web engineers
- Site reliability / Operations
- Security
- Tools and toolchains
- Data pipelines

Experienced engineers should feel free to apply here as well and indicate any interest in more senior or managerial roles. We find having a single general stack easier to manage internally than having multiple funnels.


Citymapper engineers drive things forward and get things done. Our engineers build features today that users will use tomorrow. You must be ready to firefight against scaling challenges in real time. You must not waiver in the face of highly complex mishmashes of data that need untangling.

Citymapper engineers work across multiple stacks and handle many projects simultaneously. We deliver features and system-wide improvements on a daily basis. To be successful here, you must be able to write scalable, performant code and be on-deck to deploy and monitor your creations. You will help build the train, lay the tracks, and be the conductor.

Our primary languages are Python, Objective C/Swift, Java, Go, and C++. You'll be expected to dive into new code and make sense of what you find. You'll be expected to adopt best practices and uphold a high standard of quality to keep us afloat.


Competitive pay, equity / stock options, and various startup perks like food and travel.

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