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Our app helps people every day in major world cities like London, New York, and Paris by giving them the most up-to-date and complete information on urban transportation options, with a personal touch.

More recently, we've started running our own responsive transport services in places where we've identified gaps in the urban fabric, and this has allowed us to start exploring how the app experience continues into screens on buses. We're also developing our own Android-only driver apps to support these services.

Our small team of Android developers iterates quickly and tests new features and UI tweaks daily on our own commutes. We aim to ship changes that make a real difference to users every two weeks or so. We build new features while also refining the design of existing ones based on analytics. We also aim to support new Google technologies on day one (or minus one).

We're looking for people to help us take on the following kinds of problems:

  • Someone's standing at a bus stop and they have 10 seconds to figure out whether to get on or not. Can we give them a clear answer in time?
  • Someone's in the middle of a transit trip when the train they were going to connect to gets delayed. Can we let them know promptly and help them find a better way to get there?
  • Someone's traveling in an unfamiliar part of town and doesn't want to get out their phone. Can we give them effortless guidance using only a smartwatch?
  • Someone's traveling home late at night. Can we give their partner peace of mind?
  • Someone's taking a trip and there's an new Citymapper bus that would be a good option for them, but it looks & behaves differently than normal city buses. Can we help them understand how it works and give them a good first ride experience?

We're looking for people with all levels of experience, as long as they are driven to help us make a great transportation experience.

We're hiring for our headquarters on the south bank of the Thames in London. If you're looking for a change of scenery, we're happy to help you move to London, including visas. And if you already live here, we regularly pay for our employees to travel to the other cities that we cover, to help us improve the app in those cities.

If this sounds like your kind of project, we'd love to talk with you.


We're looking for people who can demonstrate good Android development skills. (Our codebase is a mixture of reactive Java for existing code and Kotlin for new features.)

You should also be motivated enough by our mission to improve cities and transportation that you have ideas on how to improve the product & experience.


Competitive pay, equity / stock options, and various startup perks like food and travel to Citymapper cities.

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