Data Science Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


Everything we stand for and do is to ensure that users get relevant and personalised information/ knowledge about their cities as quickly as possible, designed as well as possible, on a mobile device that is getting smarter and smarter. Its an exciting time to be working on mobile and open data - did you see we're reinventing the bus?

We collect two main types of data:

- Open transport data, including real-time wherever available, for all transport modes including buses, trains, metros, cycles, and ferries.

- Usage data. We're an actively used app to move around major cities of the world. We are privacy conscious but store aggregated data.

We also generate some of our own data, and partner with several companies to have access to other interesting data including maps, places, weather, tweets, cabs, city info, etc.

We're looking for data scientists to work on a variety of projects including our smartbuses, as well as improving the experience of the applications, personalisation, partnerships, enterprise, and other secret endeavours.


Experience working in data science, preferably in a technology company.

Ability to run your own infrastructure preferred.

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